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Index Engineering provides professional services, supplying engineering materials and equipments to projects as well as executing turnkey projects.

We can perform the following services

Project Management Services

We can provide project management services and manage turnkey projects for Process, Marine, and Oil & Gas Industries. We are expertise in Process, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation disciplines.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

We have practical project execution experience in handling challenges in maintenance & operations for FPSO using CMMS. We can implement CMMS projects on software packages like BASSnet, SAP ERP, and IBM Maximo.


CMMS is an enterprise asset management system. Asset Management is a challenge for offshore oil and gas industry. The CMMS software package maintains a database of information about an organization’s maintenance operations for machineries and equipments. This information is intended to help maintenance personnel do their jobs in a planned manner. It helps in determining which machines / equipments require maintenance at what interval and materials & spare parts availability and location details to carryout the maintenance job. The CMMS package can produce maintenance activity reports for machineries and equipments for analysis. It also helps the management to allocate appropriate resources and make informed decisions effectively & efficiently. The management can calculate costs of preventive maintenance, machine breakdown and, repair for various machineries and equipments. It may also be helpful to meet statutory and regulatory compliance.

Supply, installation and commissioning of Water Treatment Packages

Our engineers have experience across industries in executing water treatment package projects globally. We can undertake and execute turnkey water treatment package projects like Electrochlorinators and R.O Water Makers.

Supply, Installation and Commissioning of PLC and DCS

We can undertake and execute turnkey PLC and DCS projects to meet process and plant automation requirements.



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